Why Choose ResTO Kitchen?

When you place an order with ResTO Kitchen, you are supporting your community by supporting local small business. We have carefully selected our vendors and worked with them to create a unique experience so that you can enjoy many benefits:

Enjoy Safe, Healthy and Delicious Meals

We have selected the most liked recipes from a variety of diets and cuisines and made sure that, from ingredient sourcing to meal preparation, safety is front and centre.

Save Time and Money

Our meals and meal kits eliminate the time that you would spend planning meals, buying groceries and preparing food so that you can focus on what is most important to you.

Produce Less Waste

We package just the right amount of ingredients to minimize food wastage. In addition, our packaging is designed to minimize environmental waste with as much compostable and recyclable materials.  

Experience Community & Culture

Through ResTO Kitchen, you will learn stories about the background of the meals and the chefs/vendors (local heroes) that prepare them, opportunities to participate in cooking lessons and interactive meal kit making sessions.  And you will even get music pairing recommendations to complement the experience.

How Does It Work?

Explore Our Menu

ResTO Kitchen offers a diverse range of items from local Toronto vendors. Our products range from meal kits to drink pairings to desserts and merchandise. 

When you shop with ResTO Kitchen you are supporting your community by buying local products made by local vendors using close to home ingredients.

Make a Selection

Your ResTO Kitchen order can be delivered to your front door or picked-up from our storefront location. Whatever is better for you.

All orders received by the end of day Thursday are available for pick-up and delivery Friday and Saturday.


Whether you are looking for a casual lunch with family and friends or are hosting a gathering for a special occasion, ResTO Kitchen has you covered.

All of our products can be enjoyed on their own or bundled together for a truly unique cultural experience.


When we share meals, we are not just sharing the food, we are also sharing the stories and traditions behind that food.

Carry on the time-honoured tradition of meal time and write your own stories with ResTO Kitchen.