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What is UrSpecialty?

UrSpecialty is an online specialty coffee company based in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Come, peruse our selection of signature and featured coffee beans. Learn about various brewing methods, refine your skills, and produce a custom crafted café-quality experience.  We encourage you to use your favourite mug, tumbler, or flask to reduce single-use cup wastage. We offer some eco-friendly accessories from local artisans.

Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your beans, we'll exchange them for something you enjoy!

What is Specialty Coffee?

Specialty coffee considers every step that makes a coffee special (from farm to cup). The relationships that made your drink possible, between: the farmers and the land that they work with, the mill and the exporter, the selection and then roasting, storage and the brewing. Every step in the chain is valuable. For example, a coffee tastes great, but if it comes at a cost of the producer’s dignity or the land it was grown on, then it does not really qualify as a specialty coffee. UrSpecialty is committed to bringing you the best of our local specialty coffee roasters, and offering you the coffees that you will enjoy. We will help you learn to brew great-tasting coffee, bringing the specialty coffee shop’s quality into your home or the office

Brewing Tips

To make a café quality cup of coffee, follow these steps. Select specialty coffee beans of your choice. Ideally grind beans right before brewing. Use a burr grinder (grinds must be uniform). Brew ratio must be consistent for brewing method. Ensure accurate extraction times so coffee is not sour or bitter. Lastly, use your favourite mug or tumbler or flask. Enjoy your coffee.