ResTO Kitchen Safety Procedures

On behalf of the ResTO Kitchen team, we want to thank you for putting your trust in authentic products from local vendors. Your health and safety is of paramount importance to us. On top of the regular food safety standards, we are taking additional precautions to ensure that the products you receive are handled safely and with your safety in mind.

Food Safety Starts with People

All of our staff have been thoroughly trained on COVID-19 public health guidelines. Masks are mandatory for all of our staff while we work and we undergo daily health screenings. We believe in regular hand washing, social distancing, and taking responsibility for every person and product we're in contact with.

We Only Use Safe Ingredients

We only source safe, fresh, certified ingredients from reputable accredited local suppliers for all of our products.

Safe Handling at Every Step

All of our food offerings are produced in a commercial kitchen. Our equipment and surfaces are cleaned and sanitized thoroughly each day and our cookware is washed constantly.  We use sanitary food grade containers every step in our process, from cooking, storage to packing.

We Offer Safe Contactless Delivery and Pick-up

All of our packaging is food-grade quality and is handled with extra care to avoid any contamination.  Contact-free delivery is available and our pickups are designed to maximize physical distancing.