Family Day, Cook A Long Adventure!

Presented By ResTO Kitchen 

Monday Feb 15, 11:00am to 1pm
Online - Zoom
Recommend for Ages 6 and up with their parents


A family day adventure celebrating the Lunar Year featuring a cooking lesson, make a meal together, activities, games, and music!  Event presented by ResTO Kitchen hosted by Nickayla & Matt, featuring chefs Mary & Dale, Kimchi Analysis by Dr. Louis, registered dietitian Karmen, and music by Preston.

All you have to do is register for the event below, and you will receive zoom access details, complete meal kit (for 3 to 4 people) with all the necessary ingredients, activity (red pocket lanterns) materials (2 sets), and maybe even a surprise. The meal kits will be available for pickup or delivery (extra $5) on the Friday or Saturday of your choice prior to the Family Day Monday.  There is a Lunar New Year Special of 18% off (use promocode LUNARNEWYEAR at checkout).  Last day to register is Saturday February 13.

Please note any allergies or dietary restrictions in your order at the cart.


Learn about the Lunar New Year
Cook along and make Jap Chae with Dale and Siu Mai with Mary!
Q&A with dietitian Karmen
Kimchi analysis with Dr. Louis 
Live music with Preston
Red Pocket Lantern Activity

Your Hosts!

Host Nickayla

Nickayla is an emcee and stand up comedian from the GTA. Her passion to make others laugh is only rivaled by her desire to encourage people to live out their best lives. She endeavours to do this by bringing comedy to life, advocating for representation and working closely with children and youth.

Host Matt

Matt is a musician, actor, and loves vanilla milkshakes on a Tuesday afternoon. He currently devotes his time to Child and Youth Care work, supporting foster families and their various needs.

Meet Your Chefs!

Chef Mary

Mary is a food blogger at specializing in Cantonese and Asian-inspired recipes. She is also a TV show host and personality, and the owner of Mary’s Happy Belly Dumplings available at Resto Kitchen!

Chef Dale

Dale is the manager at Song Cook's Korean Restaurant and is part of the team that launched ResTO Kitchen. He cooks as a way to explore the intersections of Korean with diasporic and Indigenous Canadian cultures, and as a way to feed young families, including his own.

And other esteemed guests!

Musician Preston 

Preston is a singer-songwriter producer based in Scarborough. He specializes in melancholic lyricism and melodic rhythm guitar playing with the occasional jazzy flair. 

Dietitian Karmen

Karmen completed her dietetic training with Ryerson University in collaboration with Unity Health Toronto, St. Michael’s Hospital. A mother to two boys and married to an avid cook, Karmen enjoys new cuisines as much as familiar Asian comfort foods.

Dr Louis

Dr Louis, Ph.D. is a local scientist who has expertise in microbiology and biochemistry. He analyzed the ResTO Kimchi by looking for ‘good’ bacteria. To do this he isolated and sequenced their DNA and found several strains that are considered healthy for our guts.

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Introduction to the event.

Hosts: Nickayla and Matt

11:00AM  - Introduction

11:10 -  Music

Original Music by Preston Frederickr.

11:20  - Jap Chae

Learn about the significance of noodles to Lunar New Year. Learn knife skills from a professional chef and how he prepares the ingredients

Host: Dale

Learn about healthy eating habits, and the ins and out of Kimchi through Kimchi specialist Louis and a live Q&A session with nutritionist Karmen

11:35AM  - Nutritional components of Kimchi

11:45 - Jap Chae

Lets fry our Jap Chae and give it a taste test!

11:55 - Intermission


Learn about the history of the Lunar New Year festival!

12:05PM  - The Lunar New Year

12:15 - Siu Mai

Stuff your own Sui Mai alongside Mary!

12:25 - Celebrated around the world

Discover how Lunar New Year is celebrated around the earth!

Taste test your Sui Mai creations.

12:30PM  - Siu Mai Taste Test

12:40 - Lunar New Craft

Make Red Pocket Lanterns alongside Nickayla and Matt

12:50 - Ending

Thank you for attending!